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Repairing Hi-tech Equipment


The Synthesiser Service Centre is one of the UK’s most established and experienced repair centres for hi-tech musical equipment.

Whether the damage proves to be simple or catastrophic, we will do everything we can to track down the problem and repair it for you.

Whilst doing our utmost not to make promises that we can’t keep, we always aim at a reasonable turnaround time despite our phenomenal workload. If you have an emergency deadline, we will always try to help out and be as accommodating as possible, provided that it doesn’t adversely affect already scheduled dates for other customers.


Repairing Vintage Equipment


Some years ago, The Synthesiser Service Centre acquired W Dunne & Co., a company based in Islington (London) that had been servicing and repairing keyboard instruments for more than 30 years.

With our existing wealth of experience and access to service records and technical schematics dating back to the 1930s, we were then in a position to create “The Vintage Keyboard Company”. This was dedicated to continuing Bill Dunne’s support for vintage pianos and organs such as Hammonds, Fender Rhodes, Mellotrons, Wurlitzers, ARPs and Moogs, as well as a wide range of valve amplifiers from Ampeg, Laney, and Leslie (among many others).

Following our move to Park Royal in 1999, we integrated the Synthesiser Service Centre and the Vintage Keyboard Company, and we now operate both from our premises in Gorst Road.

So, if you have a piece of classic gear that is causing you problems (whether listed on this page or not), please feel free to contact us. We might not be able to promise you an instant repair and the spares you need may no longer be available from the usual sources. But given our resources, we may be able to invent a solution that others cannot.


Custom Engineering Services


Mechanical problems


Sometimes new parts are no longer available but at the Synthesiser Service Centre we have the mechanical and electronic engineering facilities to provide solutions to otherwise impossible problems. Of course, these repairs come at a cost, but when an instrument is irreplaceable, we will do everything possible to keep it in full running order for you.

Services include:

  • Welding & fabrication
  • Turning and shaping
  • Custom winding of transformers and inductors

Electronic problems


Many excellent units are designed using mask-programmed or custom designed integrated circuits. Whilst this technique allows the manufacturer to produce products that are good value for money, it creates serious servicing and repair problems when the ICs are no longer available.

Where there is a proven demand for a particular solution, The Synthesiser Service Centre may be able to provide bespoke solutions such as circuit substitution or one-off programming. Customers are warned, however, that such work may be financially unviable and is therefore only suitable for irreplaceable units or for those of great historical value.


A Note on Collections

How NOT to box your goods.

By putting a unit into a box that it only just fits in, you run the risk of any light knocks the box may get in transit, seriously damaging your goods. This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised!

How to box your goods correctly.

Leave at least an inch or two around the unit, with some sort of foam / bubble packing.

N.B. Collections cost £15+vat for up to 20Kg.
If the TOTAL weight of your goods is heavier than 20Kg, please note there will be an additional charge of £0.30 per additional kilo.
All carriage charges are paid for on final invoice/receipt.
Flight Cases, and over max size items may incur additional handling charges. See www.ups.com for more information.

e.g. Flight Case (NOT SKB Style, these are too weak), original box or some other substantial packaging.